Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why buy from us?
A. We offer quality vehicles at fair prices, with no hassle and no guessing about price, payments, or approval. You get it all on the spot.

Q. How long have you been in business?
A. We got started in November of 2001.

Q. What are your hours?
A. Sunday- closed, Monday 10-7, Tuesday-closed (buying cars), Wednesday 10-5, Thursday 10-7, Friday 10-7, Saturday 10-6.

Q. How much do your cars cost?
A. All our cars are $5995.00 or less.

Q. Do you offer warranties?
A. Sorry we do not offer any warranties. This is primarily due to the age and mileages 
of the vehicles we sell. We do however have all our cars inspected and serviced prior 
to the sale. Want to have YOUR mechanic inspect the vehicle? No problem. We also offer free AutoCheck Vehicle History Reports on every vehicle we sell.

Q. Where do you get your inventory?
A. We purchase most of our vehicles at auction. We purchase almost exclusively new 
car dealer trade ins. We also occasionally will have trade ins or repossessed vehicles.

Q. How often do you get new inventory?
A. We get new inventory every week.

Q. Do you have titles for your inventory?
A. Yes we have title for every vehicle we sell. We NEVER sell a vehicle with a branded 
or salvage title. We provide AutoCheck Vehicle History Reports with every vehicle to back that up and make your buying decision that much easier.

Q, What is the cost of a new license plate(tag)/title.
A. The cost is approximately $385.00

Q.I have a tag turned in at the Tax Collector. Do I still have to buy a new tag?
A. No. Just bring in proof of the surrendered tag and you only have to pay for the transfer/renewal and we'll provide you with a temporary tag until the new one comes in.

Q. I have a tag with an expired sticker can I use it?
A. Yes! Bring it in and we'll issue you a temporary tag until your new sticker/registration comes in.

Q. How much will my down payment be?
A. Our minimum down payments start at $500.00 (requires current tag transfer, and under $4000.00 price) and go up from there.

Q.How much will my payments be?
A. With a minimum down payment the monthly payment is approximately $300.00 per month. We will contract the payments according to your pay type (weekly, bi-weekly, etc.)

Q. How long will it take to pay my car off?
A. Our finance terms are for under two years. Most terms range from 12 to 22 months.

Q. Is there a pre payment penalty?
A. No. The interest accrues on a daily balance. You only pay interest through the day 
you pay it off.

Q.What rate of interest do you charge?
A. 24.95%APR

Q.How long does approval take?
A. If you have all the required paperwork, it generally takes just minutes.

Q. Do you check my credit score or history?
A. No we do not run your credit report, nor does it factor in your approval.

Q. Do you report to any of the credit bureaus?
A. No we do not report at this time.

Q. What are your job and income requirements?
A. You must have at least 90 days on your job.  Our minimum income requirement is based on a number of factors. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your individual circumstances.

Q. What happens if I'm having trouble making my monthly payments or I lose my job?
A. Please contact us immediately. We are well known for doing everything we can to 
help our customers through hard times.

Q. What do I need to bring in with me to finance my next vehicle?
A. Here's the list:
1. Proof of income ( 90 day minimum)
2. Proof of residence
3. Florida drivers license
4. Social security number
5. Five personal references (Family member or friend, name, address, and phone number)
6. Full coverage insurance ($500.00 deductible for both comprehensive and collision coverage)
7. Proof of tag/ registration
8. Title (If trading a car in)

Q. What are your insurance requirements?
A. We require a maximum deductible of $500.00 for both comprehensive and collision coverage. Leinholder must be listed as Cassat Auto Sales 1758 Cassat Ave Jacksonville Fl 32210

Q. Do you recommend any particular insurance company?
A. We do not endorse any specific insurance company. Wherever you can make the best deal that fits our requirements is fine. Here are a few options are current customers use:

3. Direct General Insurance Co
4. Acceptance Insurance

Q. Who fixes your cars?
A. We use several local shops depending on the type of car and nature of the problem. Here is the main shop we use.

Brothers Auto Repair
1172 Ellis Rd S
Jacksonville Fl 32205
Dan Haddad

Q. If I need towing who should I call.
A. Call Brothers Auto Repair 1-904-613-4810 ask for Dan.